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A Peek Into Our Past

Freeport was settled in 1659 and was previously known as Raynortown until 1853 when the name "Freeport" was chosen by popular vote. The village of Freeport was incorporated in 1892. Today, Freeport is the second largest incorporated village in the State of New York.

Freeport was settled in the 1640's and was once a community known for oysters and fishing. Later on it became a resort popular with the New York City theater community. It is now primarily a bedroom suburb but it retains its fishing and marine life roots, especially on its famous Nautical Mile.

Freeport's accessibility to the Long Island Rail Road lead to a major boom in development. The most prominent figure in this boom was developer John J. Randall; among his other contributions to the shape of Freeport today were several canals, including the Woodcleft Canal, one side of which is now the site of the "Nautical Mile"

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